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Our DEMO FLEET is back! 

New arrivals from Transition and Nukeproof are available to ride now!

Coming soon : Ibis - Exie Demo Bikes!

Our current DEMO program is as follows:

- $125/24hr time period only (sorry, no multi-day or Lift Use)

- ID and Pre-authorization on a Credit Card required to secure a demo.

- If a bike is purchased or a deposit is placed within 90 days, demo fees are credited with a $100 Gift Card at time of new bike purchase.

This gift card cannot be used on the bike, but can be used at a later date.

(We suggest holding on to the Gift Card for your first suspension overhaul).

- Users are responsible for damage and replacement at cost.

- When inquiring about availability, please state the date and time of pick up.  

(This is very important so we do not book overlapping demo reservations.)

Please call or email via the link below for more info.


Book a Demo





IBISRipmo AF Deore - [ Alloy ]
M, L, XL

Ripley V4 NGX - [ Carbon ]S, M, XL
*EXIE DEMO COMING SOON!Ripley V4 AXS - [ Carbon ]L

Spire GX - [ Carbon ]

Sentinel NX - [ Alloy ]
M / L / XL

Rascal GX - [ Carbon ]
M / L / XL

Reactor 290 Comp - [ Alloy ]
M / L / XL