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Please note: We have temporarily halted the online sales of Kona, Rocky Mt, Ibis, Scott, Transition, and Revel bikes via the website due to high volume of orders. Contact the shop for more details.
6 men standing in front of white Pedal Pushers Cyclery van with mountain bikes


Founded by Jason Coble in the early 2000s in East Denver’s Lowry neighborhood, PPC moved to Golden, CO in 2005 as rent in east Denver skyrocketed and the economy struggled. Once we relocated to the beautiful city of Golden across from Golden High School and forced to move because of the Natural Grocers development, we relocated to our new big beautiful location at 6th & Heritage in the Golden Ridge Shopping Center.

In 2010, PPC was purchased by one of its long-time employees Eric Francis.  Now in his 10th year of ownership, PPC has become a whole new entity.  With well over 100 combined years of experience among our employees, there is nothing we can’t do.  From refurbishing old relics to overhauling complicated modern suspension bikes, we have got you covered.  Our diverse line of bikes and knowledge is second to none!  Our current brands are Rocky Mountain Bikes, Scott Bikes, Ibis Cycles, Kona Bicycles, Revel Bikes, Transition Bicycle Co.

As you can see, we have all your cycling needs, wants and desires addressed.


Man and woman mountain riding bikes on trail through green brush

Eric & Brenda Francis


Man in baseball cap and baseball shirt standing in front of four men wearing bike helmets

Eric Francis

"El Jefe"

Originally from the great North East, my wife Brenda and I relocated to Colorado in 2000 to expand our dirt and snow horizons. My first job in the industry dates back to 1993. I was building bikes at the Ski & Bike Market at various locations in Maine.

After relocation, I worked at a few different bike shops on the Front Range including REI, Lee’s Cyclery, and PUSH Industries where I focused exclusively on custom suspension service and tuning. Once my incredible wife Brenda received her veterinary degree from CSU, we moved south to the Denver area. 

A short time later, I joined the Pedal Pushers team with the original founder, Jason. A few years later, and a move from East Denver to Golden, I purchased the business and here we are today. After 23 years of working in the cycling industry, a ton of great times have passed and the future is looking great!

Man with brown hair wearing red shirt and jacket

Justin Hoar

Service Manager

At the age of 16, I used to take trash parts off bikes to make my own better. Half the time, I'd break the darn thing trying to take it apart. I would often go into Olde Towne Bicycles in Fredericksburg, VA, and have them clean up my mess. I quickly figured out that I couldn't afford to have someone else doing my repairs or builds, so I purchased the "Big Blue Book" from Park Tool. That summer, I acquired a job at that shop. My high school had an early release program that enabled me to get out of school early, so I could learn to wrench more. I stayed with that shop for years.

The scariest moment that I've had on a bike was probably getting spit out of a huge wall ride at Bryce Mountain Bike Park. It had been raining all day, and I kept telling myself, "DON'T touch the brakes! Well, I went too fast, the rubber didn't hold on the wet wood, and out I went flailing in every direction.

My favorite rider has to be my good friend Levi Thornton, one of the strongest people I know, and he really started my passion for downhill mountain biking back in Snowshoe West VA!

Man in black and white hat wearing a blue zip-up hoodie

Trip Whittenburg

Shop Clown

I managed a bike and ski shop in Amarillo, Texas after college and ended up opening my own store called Outdoor Element Sports. Sold the shop 11-12 years later and moved to Colorado. 

My worst injury and scariest moment was in Angel Fire and I was in practice, came around a blind corner and there was another athlete walking up that section with his bike and we hit hard. I shattered my left hand and punctured a hole in my stomach lining with the handle bars. 

My favorite rider would have to be Wade Simmons because the dude shaped this sport and is just a super cool guy ??.

Man with short blonde hair wearing a black t-shirt

Sheldon Simcox

AKA "Gator"

I got my first real bike at the only bike shop in Golden, Pack N Pedal in around 1976.  I think the wheels were made from wood it was that long ago. Then in 1986, I started working at the only bike shop in Golden, Self Propulsion. It's been so long I can't remember how long I have been working in a bike shop.

To this day, cycling is still in my blood.... or maybe it's chain lube and fork oil. I also like to break bones on a regular basis!