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  • Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden, CO
  • Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden, CO

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When was the last time you had your suspension overhauled?

An overhaul will keep your valuable suspension components running at their highest potential, providing better small bump sensitivity and big hit control.

A properly running fork and shock will keep you riding confidently and safely, while helping avoid costly repairs further down the road.

Most manufacturers recommend a complete overhaul on a yearly basis. Think of it like changing the oil in your car. You can probably drive your car on fresh oil for 50K miles, but, that’s not good for your engine as metal parts break down and cause friction which further breaks down and reduces performance and longevity. You don’t want your engine to seize or die early do you?


So, with that logic, overhauling your suspension components on a regular schedule is highly recommended and beneficial on many levels.


CLICK HERE for Fox Service Interval Guide

CLICK HERE for RockShox Service Interval Guide

Here at PPC, we know a thing or two, or three or maybe 3000 about forks.  We are by far, the most experienced suspension shop in the area with thousands of torn-down and repaired forks, shocks and dampers.

Don’t be a Guinea Pig!  Unlike some other shops that are new to the modern suspension game,  we are not “practicing” on your shock. With 10 years of experience and countless overhauled and repaired forks and shocks, we fear nothing that is serviceable!  From Lefty’s to FOX 40’s to Fox rear shocks, we can do most everything.  Got a TALAS that won’t go up or down?  No problem!   Lost your Pro Pedal on your RP23?  No Problem.  Most forks can be overhauled for approximately $86 + parts & seals and shocks for $125 (+ parts).  Of course, there can be certain circumstances that would require a more comprehensive overhaul if you are looking for maximum performance or have additional issues.  These are usually FOX TALAS, Rock Shox Dual air or 2P forks.  Some may require bushings or even a new CSU if the hard anodizing is damaged or worn.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your suspension needs or if you want to know exactly what we do.


Not all bike shops are created equally. We’ve dedicated an entire work area just to Suspension Services (THE LAB), thus ensuring an accurate and meticulous rebuild of your fork in a quick and timely fashion. No need to send your fork out, just wheel your bike in our front door and we’ll take care of the rest.  We are your full service shop!  Feel free to contact us or if you want to set up an appointment to minimize done time please call us at (303) 365-BIKE or email us @ service@pedalpusherscyclery.com