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  • Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden, CO
  • Pedal Pushers Cyclery - Golden, CO

710 Golden Ridge Rd. Suite 102/104 
Golden, Colorado 80401 

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Does your bike need some TLC? We love fixing any and all types of bikes, and here's a listing of what we can do for you and your two-wheeled friend.


 Basic Tune 

Tightening of  Hardware

Lubing of Chain

Lube Cables and Housing

Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs

Adjust Front and Rear Brakes


Inspect bike for damage





Same as Basic Tune, plus:


detailed Bike wash


True Wheels


Adjust Hubs


Tighten Cassette/Freewheel


 Resurface and Adjust Brake Pads

adjust headset


 Adjust bottom bracket


Tighten Crank and Chain Ring Bolts


Adjust Stem Alignment


Even Out Cockpit Controls




Same as Standard Tune, plus:

the removal of the crank arms, cassette, chain, derailleur immersed in our heated ultrasonic

 parts cleaner



tube replacement $8

derailleur adjustment $15+


brake adjustment $20+


Drive Train Clean $60

Fork Install $30


Disc Brake Bleed $30 per wheel

Wheel True $15-25 per wheel (depending on wheel condition)


Spoke Replacement $20+

labor and Cost of spokes

Wheel Build $70+

($60 with hub & rim purchase)

Tubeless Tire install $20

Computer Install $10-$30 

(depending on computer type)

Box & Ship $185 

(within continental U.S. assuming bike fits in normal bike Box)


Don’t be a Guinea Pig! 
Unlike some other shops that are new to the modern suspension game,  we are not “practicing” on your shock. With 10 years of experience and countless overhauled and repaired forks and shocks, we fear nothing that is serviceable! We are the most experienced suspension shop in the area with thousands of torn-down and repaired forks, shocks and dampers. 

Not all bike shops are created equally. 
We’ve dedicated an entire work area just to Suspension Services (THE LAB). thus ensuring an accurate and meticulous rebuild of your fork in a quick and timely fashion. No need to send your fork out, just wheel your bike in our front door and we’ll take care of the rest.  We are your full service shop! 


Feel free to contact us , or click the 'Book now' button below, to set up an appointment at (303) 365-BIKE

or email us at service@pedalpusherscyclery.com



Fox Fork Overhaul: Starting at                                      $96 + parts

  • Fork Removal & Installation

  • Complete External Inspection

  • Complete Fork Disassembly (TALAS              rebuilds have an extra charge due to the complexity of the cartridge)

  • Complete Cleaning and Inspection of Fork Internals

  • Install Custom Dual Lip U-Cup Energized Wiper & Oil Seals (no lower machining necessary)

  • O-Rings Replaced

  • Oil Viscosity and Volume set with Factory Fork Fluids

  • Complete reassembly

  • Settings card filled out by a Suspension Technician

**Got a TALAS? We are TALAS experts! 

$50 (cartridge only) Only applicable

with Fox Fork Overhaul

RockShox, Marzocchi, Manitou, Maverick, Lefty & HeadShok Fork Overhaul: $86 + Parts

  • Fork Removal & Installation

  • Complete External Inspection

  • Complete Fork Disassembly (some fork require additional air cartridge parts &  labor)

  • Complete Cleaning and Inspection of Fork Internals

  • Install Factory Wiper & Oil Seals

  • O-Rings Replaced

  • Oil Viscosity and Volume set with appropriate Fork Fluids

  • Complete Reassembly and Test

- Shocks -

Fox & RockShox: Starting at

                            $135 + Parts

(parts vary depending on the shock)

  • Complete Teardown and reassembly

  • Meticulous cleaning & inspection of all components

  • Inspect/replace all sealing components

  • Replace Hardware reducers/DU Bushings (extra)

  • Lubricate all components with proper suspension grease

  • Install/upgrade new wiper seals (air sleeve service)

  • Tune Damper (If Necessary)

  • Fresh NO2 charge & fresh oil of course, using factory Fox and RS oils

  • Testing and double checking by two techs

*Qualifying shocks:
Fox Float R, RC, RL, RPL, RP2, RP3, RP23, CTD, EVOL.  Please call or come by to verify your model as not all shocks are serviceable.  (Shocks such as Fox X2, DPX2, DHX and Rock Shock Monarch, Super Deluxe and other shocks with external reservoirs, may have additional charges.)
*Note: We cannot or chose not to service Specialized Brain shocks or most other proprietary shocks from some manufactures.


Suspension Set-Up Consultation: $40 (appointment required)

You bought a bike with suspension, but are you riding it to it’s full potential? Our suspension consult includes an evaluation of your riding style, setting the front & rear sag and a how-to on the adjustments available on your fork and/or shock. Included is a settings card filled out by our Suspension Technicians.