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The incredible HD5 is on sale. No changes can be made to the X01AXS build currently available, but compared to the price of major Direct to Consumer brands who could complain!
The XO-1/AXS equipped HD5, starting is $4,699.99. Please note, the build differs stock offerings ( no AXS post on X0-1). The original XTR & AXS builds are out of stock. The new build is below with an even lower price point!

Medium & Large only stock left!!




With a deal this good, there has to be a catch. Here are the details:

  • No additional discounts
  • No Industry 9 wheels
  • Only complete X0-1/AXS bikes
  • No back orders (in stock only)
  • No substitutions
  • Limited to stock on hand

Give us a call at 303-365-2453 and we'll get you on your next new bike.